A deaf man with a speech impediment was brought to him, and the people begged Jesus to lay his hands on the man to heal him. Looking up to heaven, he sighed and said, “Ephphatha,” which means, “Be opened!” Instantly the man could hear perfectly, and his tongue was freed so he could speak plainly!
(Mark 7:32, 34, 35 NLT)

Eventually everyone will experience a crisis. A crisis is defined as a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life. A crisis usually involves an impossible situation regarding health, finances or relationships. Extreme situations can leave us unable to communicate or even ask for help. In this Bible story before the Lord Jesus healed the deaf man He first acknowledged heaven. The Bible instructs us to “Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. (Psalms 105:4) To successfully deal with problems on earth we look up to heaven first because there is a vertical solution to every horizontal impossibility that surrounds us.