“You stretch out the heavens as though they were curtains.” (Psalm 104:2 GWT)

Motion pictures films on the big screen are very popular but there is still nothing like a live performance. Talented actors and actresses portraying characters on stage is very entertaining and people pay top dollar to watch a live theatre show but what they do not realize is that we are all performing live on God’s stage every day. During creation God stretched out the heavens opening the curtains to start the greatest love story ever told. His tale involves the redemption of humankind purchased by the blood of Jesus. We act on this redemptive stage through the life choices we make for righteousness or justice as we love each other and offer our lives to the Lord. Every show has an end and this script finishes with Jesus coming to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. Then “the sky was rolled up like a scroll” (Rev 6:14) How was your performance in the greatest story ever told?