“The next day, as gale-force winds continued to batter the ship, the crew began throwing the cargo overboard. The following day they even took some of the ship’s gear and threw it overboard.”
(Acts 27:18, 19 NLT)

I grew up on a lake and I was always out in my little sailboat. Fortunately I never got caught in a bad weather storm. In Acts chapter 27 of the Bible there is a report of the Apostle Paul’s sea journey which is known as the most accurate account of a sea voyage that has come to us from ancient times. We gain more knowledge of these ships from this story than from any other source. They encountered a terrible storm on the Mediterranean sea. During a severe storm the sailors lighten the ship by throwing all non-essential items overboard that will not be required for survival. The Lord permits severe storms to arise in our personal lives which cause us to throw overboard all the useless attitudes, behaviors and selfish agendas that will not be required for our eternal destination in glory with Christ Jesus.