“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”
(Isaiah 40:29 NIV)

Imagine a healthy twelve year old girl asking for help from her father to put on a pair of socks. The father would likely respond “you don’t need help from me because you can put on your own socks!” Now if the same child asked for help to complete a renovation project in order to improve a community youth center then of course any sensible father would offer assistance. The father would easily recognize that the child did not posses the necessary knowledge and resources to complete this worthwhile activity and so he readily offers support. We are all guilty of expecting God to help us with selfish trivial activities that have no eternal significance. We ask to see God’s power move in our circumstances but he will more readily show us his power only after we have been humbled by overwhelming odds and impossibilities. God provides us with the necessary resources in order to make a loving sacrifice for others. When we are are weak in our own inabilities then God comes through with his strength for the victory.